APVA and Captivate  Partnership


The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists, 29th July, 2022

APVA Partners with Captivate as the Headline Sponsor of the African Podcast and Voice Awards, 2022.

The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists (APVA) is delighted to announce Captivate as the headline sponsor of the  African Podcast and Voice (APVA) Awards 2022.

The aims of the Awards are to:  

  • Acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the achievements of African voice talents  
  • Educate the globe with industry insights
  • Motivate audio-creatives at all levels in their chosen field of endeavor 
  • Develop a sense of pride in being an AVPA Nominee or Awardee  
  • Build self-confidence through rewards for excellence  
  • Provide role models and mentors for budding creatives to follow their achievements and the pursuit of excellence  
  • Encourage leadership on the continent.

About APVA awards

The African Podcast and Voice Awards launched on the 11th of April, 2022 making it the first of its kind in Africa. The premiere virtual award ceremony, which received over 2000 nominations and 70,000 votes from over 20 countries in its first edition, is set to become one of the most anticipated events in the audio industry, highlighting Africa’s voices and reimagining the African experience for the world to see.

This agreement brings together APVA, a community that seeks to discover, amplify, and appreciate African voice/audio talents and Captivate, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host™ that permits hosting multiple podcasts for one single monthly cost with zero contracts. Designed and built by podcasters to give independent podcast creators the freedom and flexibility to do what they do best: experiment, explore and expand their audio influence. 

“The African audio industry is undoubtedly growing, which is not surprising given that storytelling is at the heart of African culture. The future of creativity and storytelling is audio, but we can only get there with partnerships like this that offer strong ecosystem support.”

As the industry enters a new era of growth in Africa, producing and curating content, data, and insights to drive and influence a new narrative of African story telling remains APVA’s top priority. With community involvement and active collaboration, we will create an enabling environment that allows for the exchange of critical knowledge, resources, and tools for African creatives.

said Bidemi Adedire, Founder of APVA.

“It’s great to see initiatives such as the APVA Awards. These initiatives are important as they give a platform to the amazing African podcasters out there who are creating outstanding and inspiring audio content, so that we can acknowledge, highlight and celebrate their achievements. This not only gives them the recognition they deserve but also inspires and motivates other budding African podcasters to do the same. It’s also important that initiatives like this get the support they require from those in the podcasting industry, so I am delighted that Captivate is in a position to do so this year. Well done to those who were nominated and I am eagerly waiting to see who this year’s winners are, I am sure it’s going to be tough to judge! Good luck everyone.”

Mark Asquith, MD & Co Founder of Captivate

Both organizations look forward to this being the beginning of many outstanding accomplishments and initiatives that aim to magnify and reimagine the experience for  African Podcasters 

Visit Captivate  to learn more about the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host helping the indie podcaster, and how they can help you.

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