The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists [APVA] Launches Inaugural Podcast Production Program to Support African Audio Creatives

The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists (APVA) is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural podcast production program.¬† With the support of its partners, APVA is set to provide three months’ worth of podcast production services to African audio creatives.

The program is designed to provide free series production for up to five episodes to three lucky African podcasters to support the growth and development of the podcasting industry in Africa.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this unique opportunity to African audio creatives. “Podcasts are a powerful medium for storytelling and cultural representation, and we believe programs or initiatives like this serve as a launch pad for budding creatives and will help to increase the diversity of voices and perspectives in the industry.”

Tony Doe, Country Representative Nigeria.

The program is intended to support the professional development of the selected podcasters and help them grow their craft in the industry. It will also provide a platform for them to share their stories and perspectives with a wider audience.

“We use this opportunity to invite actors across the sector to support projects like this or take on projects like this in their local communities to make a significant and lasting impact on the African podcasting industry. We are excited to support the growth and success of African audio creatives in the littlest and simplest of actions.”

Bidemi Adedire, Founder; APVA.

APVA is currently accepting applications for the program and is looking for talented and passionate African podcasters to participate. Interested audio creatives can find more information and apply online  here

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