APVA and Blueberry Africa Partnership


The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists, 2nd July, 2022

APVA Partners with Blueberry Africa as a Reward Sponsor of the African Podcast and Voice Awards, 2022

We are happy to announce that The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists also known as APVA entered into a strategic partnership with Blueberry Africa. Blueberry Africa henceforth are recognized as a reward sponsor of the African Podcast and Voice Awards  (APVA awards) providing five free podcast productions to Kenyan Podcasters.

The APVA awards will see that excellent and underserved podcasters, spoken-word, and voice artists are given due recognition for their work.

The aims of the Awards are to:  

  • Acknowledge, highlight and celebrate the achievements of African voice talents  
  • Educate the globe with industry insights
  • Motivate audio-creatives at all levels in their chosen field of endeavour 
  • Develop a sense of pride in being an AVPA Nominee or Awardee  
  • Build self-confidence through rewards for excellence  
  • Provide role models and mentors for budding creatives to follow their achievements and the pursuit of excellence  
  • Encourage leadership on the continent.

This agreement brings together APVA, a community that seeks to amplify, appreciate and award African voice/audio talents and Blueberry Africa , a podcast production company that is making podcasting affordable and accessible in different regions across Kenya. The company through strategic partnerships like this have helped many storytellers and producers in Kenya. Blueberry Africa has the unwavering belief that there’s freedom in sharing our voices and that everyone has a story to tell.

This partnership introduces Blueberry Africa as a trusted created partner in the industry, serving as a platform for excellence while providing  much needed ecosystem support.

Visit Blueberry Africa  to learn more about bring stories to live


Tolulope Kolade

Creative Partner


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