Meet the Sponsors

Meet the Sponsors for the 2024 Awards

Headline Sponsor


Afripods, a leading platform for podcasters, listeners, and advertisers, has established itself as an innovative and user-friendly platform within the digital landscape. Focused on Africa, the world’s fastest-growing digital continent, Afripods strives to amplify great stories, insights, entertainment, and joy. Their platform enables users from around the globe to access a wide range of podcasts featuring African voices and captivating narratives.

Strategic Sponsor

IONO FM is an online audio platform that specialises in podcast hosting and radio streaming, including monetisation via audio advertising. It boasts a rich history dating back to 2008 when the company was founded in Cape Town, South Africa. Its inception stemmed from a visionary goal: to create a world-class podcast platform tailored not just for developed, but also for emerging markets. Over the years, they have successfully realized this vision, delivering millions of podcasts to users across Sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

Media Partners


Lead Podcasting is an internationally recognized production company based in Toronto. It was founded by Amanda Cupido, bestselling author of Let’s Talk Podcasting. Lead Podcasting’s award-winning shows are known for helping leaders build trust. They provide services in French and English and have created podcasts for organizations like: World Vision International, Cisco and the United Nations Refugee Agency.


Podnews offers daily updates on the latest developments in the podcasting world, including news from major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube Music, as well as insights into trending shows, events, and job opportunities. With a focus on providing concise and informative updates, Pod News has become a trusted source for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Watch Party Partners


The mission of the South African Podcasters Guild is to foster a vibrant and thriving podcasting community in South Africa. With a vision to build the largest, most engaged podcasting community in the country, the guild is dedicated to enhancing the quality of South African podcasts, making podcasting more accessible to creators and listeners, increasing visibility for South African podcasts, and fostering trust by connecting podcasting industries with other sectors for mutual benefit.


Radiomind Africa’s mission is to make brands and create reputable media audio visual usage more visible and relevant with content marketing. It all started in 2010 when they created their first mist progressive Radios that ever graced Ugandan media to take social media seriously, they’ve built a team and helped those early adopters understand and take advantage of social media. As the years have rolled on Radiomind Africa has grown into a successful and modest agency you see today by evolving the capabilities to ensure their clients get what they originally came for – results for the modern marketer.


Solid Gold Podcasts was founded by Gavin Kennedy who has been involved in radio and television broadcasting and production since the early 1990s and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the exciting transition from analogue tapes to a fully digital Internet-enabled, multimedia environment. Gavin’s journey includes being joint owner of a television and audio post-production and outside broadcast facility while also assisting in the establishment of numerous community radio stations (e.g. Mix FM, BUWA, East Wave), a community TV station (Soweto Community TV), while also pioneering in-store radio and television for clients such as Ster Kinekor, Edcon, and Harmony Gold.


Founded in June 2017, Naija Podcast Hub aka NaijaPodHub is the podcasting community for all Nigerian Podcasters. Naija Pod Hub serves as a dynamic platform for podcasters to connect, learn, and enhance their skills in podcast production, storytelling, and content creation within Nigeria and beyond. With a mission to foster collaboration and innovation within the Nigerian podcasting landscape, Naija Pod Hub provides a supportive community where creators can thrive and amplify their voices.


Zambian Podcasters Hub also known as Zed Pod Hub was born early June 2022 on a whim. A call out was placed on Twitter to start a podcasting community for Zambian Podcasters. The response was overwhelming. Where most came in only knowing 3 other Zambian podcasts, the hub is now 90+ members strong.


Mountain Hub is a creative space and venture-building organization designed to rally entrepreneurs with support and resources to transform great ideas into successful businesses and companies. Mountain Hub, more extensively, engages with and supports creative industries through its creative studio, Iknite Studio.


Mzuzu E-Hub is a premier business development support provider in Africa, focusing on empowering emerging entrepreneurs through business incubation programs, technology integration, seed capital financing, networking events, and state-of-the-art co-working and meeting facilities. By facilitating skills and knowledge transfer, sharing vital information, and providing essential resources, networks, and opportunity linkages, Mzuzu E-Hub turns innovative ideas into thriving businesses


Baraza Media Lab is Nairobi’s premier space for networking, collaborating, and experimenting among Kenya’s media practitioners. As a vibrant hub, Baraza fosters a dynamic community of storytellers and media professionals, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation.


Since 2019, The Nest Innovation Technology Park has been nestled at the pulsating core of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. They have become a vital player in the Tech, Innovation, and Creative ecosystem, not only providing a platform for innovation, creativity and technology but also
becoming the nexus for collaborations, partnerships, and the convergence of talents and policymakers.