Become An Industry Shaper

If You Think You Have Something to Say, Then You’re onto Something!

This year, we’re opening our doors wider than ever, inviting industry experts, seasoned professionals, enthusiasts, and emerging talents to leverage the awards’ momentum.

Who We're Looking For

Are you eager to share your story, we’re calling on dynamic speakers and facilitators across the audio spectrum—from podcasting savants to voice-over virtuosos and spoken word sorcerers.

If you think you have something to say and have the zeal to drive conversations that matter, we want you!

Let the World Discover You!

This is your moment to step into the spotlight, not just as a participant but as a trailblazer in the vibrant world of African audio creativity. The APVA Awards week is the crescendo of our calendar year—a time when the air buzzes with anticipation, conversations flow deeper, and the spotlight shines on the true pioneers of our industry.

Here’s your invitation to join the ranks.

How to Amplify Your Voice and Impact at the APVA Week

Ride the wave, Share your story and voice, invite your network, connect with APVA’s community, and reach an international audience of over 50+ countries

Your Guide to Applying: Understanding Your Role

- If you’re proposing a (panel/discussant interview/masterclass/webinar), we recommend a unified pitch from one representative, confirming all speakers’ agreement and commitment to the session’s concept and APVA’s terms. If you're still assembling your dream team, share your potential lineup or transform your concept.

- Solo/Duo pitchers should focus on a subject area rather than proposing an entire panel subject.

- In all, session leaders have full autonomy and are responsible for their concept and delivery, while the APVA team provides toolkits, resources, and a platform for engagement, and amplified visibility.

Participation Opportunities

Host/Faciliate a
Solo/duo session
Host/Facilitate a
Discussant interview
Host/Facilitate a
Host/Facilitate a
Host/Facilitate a
Host/Facilitate a
Host a podcast
Host/Facilitate a Fireside Chat

Why You Should Lead a Session

Ride the wave, Share your story and voice, invite your network, connect with APVA’s community, and reach an international audience of over 50+ countries

Spotlight Your Wisdom

Immerse our passionate community in your unique insights and experiences. Share your journey, your challenges, and your victories.

Forge Meaningful Connections

This is where paths cross and destinies intertwine. Meet fellow visionaries, exchange ideas, and perhaps, find your next collaborator amongst the crowd.

Elevate Your Projects

Beyond a showcase, this is an opportunity to let your work speak for itself. Let the audience see the depth of your creativity and the impact of your contributions.

Inspire the Next Wave

Your story could be the beacon for emerging talents. Your guidance could light the way for the future stars of our industry.

Drive the Dialogue

Your voice can direct the future, shaping the narrative and the direction of African audio creativity. Your insights could pioneer the next big leap.

What’s in It for You?

Unmatched Visibility

When you take the stage during the APVA Awards week, you’re not just speaking to an audience; you’re engaging with a continent. Your brand, your insights, and your stories will echo across borders, reaching a diverse audience from over 20 countries. This is visibility on a scale that can transform perceptions and elevate your position in the industry.


Beyond visibility, this is your moment for discoverability. Showcase your unique offerings, your groundbreaking projects, and the visionary ideas that set you apart. Connect with an audience that's not just vast but voraciously curious and eager for new knowledge and solutions.

Influential Networking

Rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the African audio industry. From industry veterans to emerging talents, this is your chance to build connections that matter. Networking here means forming partnerships, finding mentors, and potentially sparking collaborations that can redefine your career.

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself as a thought leader in a fast-evolving space. Share your perspectives on where the industry is heading, the challenges we face, and the innovations that excite you. Your session could be the catalyst for change, inspiring others to think differently and act boldly.

Brand Affiliation with Excellence

Aligning your name with the APVA Awards - known for its commitment to excellence and innovation—bolsters your brand’s reputation. It’s an endorsement of your standing as a key player in the industry, dedicated to supporting and shaping the future of African audio creativity.


Your session is not just a live event; it’s content that can be repurposed, shared, and referenced. This creates a lasting asset that continues to assert your authority, share your message, and engage audiences long after the awards week has concluded.

Direct Engagement with Your Audience

This is a rare chance to interact directly with your target audience, receive immediate feedback, and understand their needs and aspirations. It's an invaluable opportunity for market research and audience engagement, delivered in the most authentic way possible.

Enhanced Credibility

By contributing your expertise and insights, you solidify your credibility within the community. Participants and peers will recognize you as a contributor to the industry's growth and a supporter of its talents, which can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Embrace this chance to shine, to lead, and to make an indelible mark on the African audio industry. The benefits of leading a session during the APVA Awards week extend far beyond the event itself, offering lasting impact and continuous growth opportunities for you and your brand.