APVA Announces winners of the The African Podcast and Voice Awards: Femi Olugbade wins Voice Artist of the Year

The African Podcast and Voice Award ceremony was held on the 23rd of September, 2023.

During the ceremony, Femi Olugbade won Voice Artist of the Year, Eniola Keshinro won Best Commercial Performance – TV, Diana Modeme won Spoken Word Artist of the Year, and Comfort Olofin won Rising Talent of the Year.

Take a look at the full list of APVA Awards winners (Voiceover and spoken word Category) below.

Voice Artist of the Year

  • Wakio Mzenge
  • Catherine Ngarira
  • Dexter Fundanga
  • Femi Olugbade (Winner)
  • Dalia El Sayed
  • Themba Robin Behrens 

Rising Talent of the Year – Voiceover category

  • Comfort Olofin (Winner)
  • Esther Chisola
  • Ebikonbowei Dio
  • Ace Wondaz

Voiceover service provider of the year

  • Voiceover Academy
  • Vibe Communications (Winner)
  • Voiceover Workshop and Media
  • The Arabic Voice – Ahmed El Qotb

Best Commercial Performance – TV

  • Wakio Mzenge
  • Eniola Keshinro (Winner)
  • Marwa Khalil
  • Macdonald Nkemda

Best Commercial Performance – Radio

  • Agatha Ike-Odeyemi
  • Themba Robin Behrens (Winner)
  • Youssef El Tohamy

Best Animation

  • Wakio Mzenge
  • Stephanie Ugbeye
  • Ibrahim Gharib
  • Stycie Waweru (Winner)
  • Asmaa Samir

Best Corporate/Explainer performance

  • Eniola Keshinro
  • Melody Edeme
  • Marwa khalil (Winner)
  • Atibo Onen

Best Documentary performance

  • Stephanie Ugbeye (Winner)
  • Khaled el Magzoub
  • Warris Ikiara Kimathi

Best Radio Imagining

  • Charles Jnr Akano
  • Mariam Abo el Fotoh
  • Dina Shaker

Best in Narration

  • Olamide Olaseinde
  • David Attah  (Winner)
  • Macdonald Nkemda
  • Stycie Waweru

Best Jingle

  • Rex Okiche (Winner)
  • Nagham Emad
  • Nivien Mahmoud

Watch the award ceremony here and watch out for the 2023 edition if you’d like to be a part of this! Follow APVA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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