APVA Partners with Africa Podfest as Strategic Sponsor of the African Podcast and Voice Awards, 2023


Africa Podfest: Elevating African Voices as Strategic Sponsor and Co-Host of the African Podcast and Voice Awards

[June 9th, 2023] 

The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists  [APVA] is thrilled to announce Africa Podfest as a strategic sponsor and co-host of the Kenyan Watch Party for this year’s prestigious awards. As the leading platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting African podcasting, Africa Podfest’s partnership with APVA represents a powerful alliance aimed at amplifying African voices on a global scale.

Africa Podfest is known as a trailblazer in the podcasting industry, fostering an inclusive community of creators, enthusiasts, and industry professionals across the African continent. With their unwavering commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of African storytelling, Africa Podfest aligns perfectly with the mission and values of the APVA Awards.

The collaboration between APVA and Africa Podfest promises to elevate the African audio-creative landscape to new heights. By joining forces, they aim to provide a platform for African voices to be heard, celebrated, and recognized for their exceptional talent, creativity, and thought-provoking content.

“We are honored to partner with Africa Podfest as our strategic sponsor and co-host for the African Podcast and Voice Awards,” said [Bidemi Adedire] of APVA. “Their dedication to empowering African podcasters and promoting African narratives perfectly aligns with our vision. Together, we will create an unforgettable celebration of audio excellence and pave the way for future generations of African podcasters.”

Bidemi Adedire, Founder of APVA

“APVA Awards continues upward on its journey to put African voice and podcast talent on the global map. Our partnership on APVA 2023 enhances the representation of Africa’s podcast storytellers and celebrates African podcasters. We are proud to be a strategic sponsor and cohost of the Kenya Watch party,” .

Josephine Karianjahi 

Africa Podfest’s expertise and support will contribute significantly to the success of the APVA Awards, fostering an environment where innovation, collaboration, and inspiration thrive. This partnership will open doors to exciting opportunities for podcasters, industry professionals, and listeners alike, reinforcing the importance of African voices in the global podcasting landscape.

The APVA Awards are set to showcase outstanding podcasting achievements in various categories, recognizing excellence in storytelling, production, creativity, and impact. The collaboration with Africa Podfest will further enhance the awards’ significance and reinforce their position as the premier platform for African podcasters and voice artists.

To learn more about Africa Podfest, please visit https://www.podcasting.africa/ 

About Africa Podfest: 

Co-founded by Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua, Africa Podfest is a company based in Kenya, driven by a clear, singular focus: Inspiring and elevating African podcasters by building a sustainable and inclusive podcasting industry across Africa.

Africa Podfest is the leading platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting African podcasting. Through its vibrant community, insightful events, and engaging initiatives, Africa Podfest aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of African storytelling. Africa Podfest is at the forefront of driving the growth and recognition of African podcasting on a global scale.

Media Contact: 

[AfricaPodest Team] 


About the  Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists

The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists is a community-driven organization that seeks to discover, amplify, and celebrate African voice/audio creatives.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the audio-creative industry in Africa.

Our Objectives

  • Discover Africa’s Unique voices that are telling and retelling the African narrative.
  • Amplify the excellent works of African audio creatives via the African Podcast and Voice Awards and other industry-specific events
  • Strengthen the African audio industry by providing home-grown resources that cater to the needs of audio creatives
  • Transform audio skills into viable businesses via the APVA Academy
  • Lead conversations with international organizations (prospect partners) and mediate to provide tools and facilities easily accessed by African audio creatives.
  • Partner with and support communities and organizations looking to support the African audio industry.
Press Contact:

[Rejoice Nathan]

[Communications Associate]

[The Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists]


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