10 African Organizations Band Together to Launch Africa Voiceover Day!

10 African Organizations Band Together to Launch Africa Voiceover Day!


10 African Organizations Band Together to Launch Africa Voiceover Day!


Today marks a significant milestone in Africa’s creative landscape as ten prominent organizations join forces to inaugurate Africa Voiceover Day, a. momentous day dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices that resonate across the continent.

Africa Voiceover Day is the culmination of a shared vision among industry leaders who recognize the pivotal role that voiceover artists play in Africa’s storytelling, entertainment, and information dissemination.

Initiated by a collaborative effort of these esteemed industry leaders, Africa Voiceover Day aims to recognize and amplify the contributions of African voiceover artists to the global stage. This groundbreaking initiative celebrates the rich cultural diversity, linguistic heritage, and artistic excellence that define Africa’s voiceover industry.

I’m absolutely thrilled that we have come to this point in time and appreciative of the efforts of everyone that has made AfricaVoice Over Day a reality.

This day brims with opportunities for African voice talents to showcase their unique skills and narratives. As well as amplifying their voices, it also opens doors to a global audience, fostering cultural exchange and recognition of our talents and diversity.
I’m eagerly anticipating the stories and voices that will resonate and inspire on this special day and beyond, shaping the future of voiceover representation in Africa.

Chukwuemeka Onunkwo Founder African Voice and Media Works AVMWORKS – Hippovoices, Nigerian Voicebank and VOAfrica

The 5th of the 5th is now etched in history, and the African voice will surely be heard.

Voice Over is an art, a craft, a business, a branding tool, a game changer and for me, a life changer. It has opened doors for Africa’s stories to have a life brighter, more dynamic than ever before. To the African voice over talents, I have a personal message to you:

Chinua Achebe’s Lions finally a voice. An authentic voice. That’s you

Africa Voiceover Day is a silent dream finally articulated. To all the unseen voices that tell us Africa is alive and amazing in advertising, animation, podcasts, radio, documentaries… May 5th is our day.

Remi Olutimayin – Award Winning voice actor, animator, and voice director – Nigeria 

It is with profound reflection and collective ambition that we, at Evolution, embrace the first ever Voiceover Africa day on the 5th of May.

Today, as we unite under the banner of Voiceover Africa Day, we seize an essential checkpoint in our journey, a time to deliberate the pivotal questions that shape our industry’s future. Is the African market where it needs to be? Have we, as a collective force, tapped into the full potential of our vibrant continent? Are we keeping pace in the global voice over arena, or are we falling behind?

These questions are not merely rhetorical but serve as a call to action for each of us. This day symbolizes more than a celebration; it is a clarion call for introspection, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Let us move forward with heartfelt dedication and a unified vision, ensuring that the voice of Africa, in all its diversity and strength, is heard louder and clearer than ever before.

Nadeem Khaled, Managing Director & Founder of Evolution, Territory Controller of Gravy For The Brain Arabia.

I am very excited to see that we, as African voiceover artists, now have a day set aside to celebrate our craft, efforts, heroes, and every stakeholder who is contributing to the growth of the voiceover industry in Africa.

May 5th of every year will always be regarded as Africa Voiceover Day. I am most proud of this achievement and am glad to be part of the movement.

Congratulations to every voiceover artist in Africa!

Tolulope Kolade (Tcode), Voiceover artist, Podcaster, Creative Partner- APVA, Founder- VoiceVerse NG, Coded Voiceovers.

I am moved by the unity and shared purpose that has brought us to this moment. I have not encountered this kind of commitment and support to our industry with an all-African-encompassing approach in my 30 years as a voice actor. I’m proud of everyone involved in bringing the idea to life. Africa Voiceover Day will help unlock the endless possibilities for our current and aspiring voice talents.

Chilu Lemba, Stake-holder, Voiceover Artist and Industry Veteran

Africa Voiceover Day is an intricate and welcome innovation that I believe will not only celebrate the many, dynamic voices we have in Africa but also showcase our heritage, and also spotlight the voiceover industry on a pedestal for growth.

King E Afemikhe
Founder, Voiceover Workshop and Media, Convener, The Voiceover Conference

The Africa Voiceover Day (AVD) shines the light on Africa’s rich diversity, celebrating our authentic voices and significant contributions of the voiceover industry to the African creative economy. I am honored to be involved, particularly due to its evergreen nature, destined to transcend generations. AVD is a permanent fixture, poised to grow bigger with each passing 5th of May. Every African voiceover artist should recognize this as a dedicated occasion to celebrate themselves and their peers.

Seun Shobo, Team Lead/Founder of Voiceover Solutions Group [Voiceover Academy and Voiceover Bank ]

Africa is a continent filled with diversity, languages and cultures; yet we still all carry that beautiful African spirit and pride within us. Africa Voiceover Day, will shine a light on the diversity of talent and voices, languages and tonality within the African continent. It’s not lost on me that not too long ago, African accents and languages were shunned upon as not being good enough, not only globally but even within the continent, but things have changed for the better. I believe with the global implosion of African music, movies, creativity and culture the world is certainly ready. It is my hope that Africa Voiceover Day will become a calendar staple for generations and will be the fountain of education and empowerment within the Voiceover sector.

Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba – Founder/ CEO of She Speaks Africa. Host and Creator of The Africa Whisperer Podcast. International Award Winning Voice Over Arts and Sciences – SOVAS 2023.

This day manifests our shared vision to elevate the voiceover industry to unprecedented heights. The journey to this moment has been almost surreal, and it fills me with immense pride to see the industry unite in recognition of our art. Africa Voiceover Day will be observed yearly to inspire current and future generations of African voiceover artists.
This day will fortify the bonds within our community, ignite innovation, and empower voices in a way that truly honors the essence of our diverse and rich cultures. I eagerly anticipate the impact this day will have as we come together to nurture talent, celebrate achievements, and ensure that the vibrant voices of Africa continue to be heard loud and clear across the globe.

Bidemi Adedire
Founder; Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists

Africans are storytellers by nature. Nothing passes on values better than a story. Our stories that encourage valor and morality, and warn against avarice and greed, have been the thread that connects one mindset through generations. They have inspired blockbuster movies like The Lion King, originally one of many Maasai stories. And they live on in the new generations of voice-over artists whose voices now grace international messages as well as our own. Putting Africa Voiceover Day on the world’s calendar is a great way to recognize the voice over platform and to continually encourage, support and applaud all of the efforts and accomplishments.

My name is Jennifer Eniye Njeri Kanari. I’m a proud African voice over actor, voice over coach, and co-founder of The Voice Actors League of Kenya, a self-help community group made up of experienced and novice voice over artists.

Africa Voiceover Day, celebrated on May 5th, is set to become an annual event. It will remind people of the talent and potential within Africa’s voiceover industry and foster collaboration, innovation, and empowerment among voice artists across the continent.

Africa Voiceover Day 2024 – The Voices of Africa

Under the theme “Voices of Africa,” Africa Voiceover Day 2024 will showcase the continent’s rich cultural diversity, celebrating the myriad languages, dialects, and narratives that define African identity. Through a three-fold mission, the day aims to showcase diversity, foster professionalism, and empower voices across the continent.

Join Us on Africa Voiceover Day!

Africa Voiceover Day invites everyone to participate in this monumental celebration of African talent and creativity. Whether you’re a voice artist, industry professional, or enthusiast, join us on May 5th for an unforgettable day of talent, creativity, and community.

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