Africa’s premier audio awards and event, recognizing outstanding talent across the continent

Happening 27th-28th September 2024!

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Celebrating Africa through Audio

We believe that Africa’s unique perspectives and stories deserve to be shared with the world, and we’re committed to amplifying the voices of audio creatives who are pushing boundaries and breaking new grounds.

Our goal is to acknowledge, highlight, and celebrate the achievements of African voice talents, while also providing a platform for education, motivation, and mentorship.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of audio, we hope that the APVA Awards will inspire you to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible. We invite you to submit your nomination and join us on this exciting journey.

Together, we can help shape the future of audio in Africa and beyond.

Watch Parties (APVA AWARDS 2024)

Kenya Watch Party
Nigeria Watch Party
Ghana Watch Party
Zambia Watch Party

Host Your Own APVA Awards Watch Party

Why Host a Watch Party?

Amplify African Voices

Celebrate the achievements of African podcasters, voice actors, and spoken word artists with friends, family, and community members.

Foster Community

Build a local community of audio creatives and enthusiasts, creating a network of support and inspiration.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

As a watch party host, you're recognized as a Gold Sponsor, a category sponsorhip worth $2000 with benefits that elevate your brand and connect you deeper with the creative community.
What You Need to Know

Who Can Host?

Anyone passionate about African audio creativity! Whether you're in Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, or beyond, your participation brings the excitement of the APVA Awards to your community.

The Essentials

Secure a venue with a good AV setup, manage the logistics, and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. We provide the promotional materials; you bring the people!

Get Involved

From ensuring high-quality sound for the ceremony to decorating your space, every detail makes your watch party unforgettable.

Ready to Host?

  • Download the Guide: Get your hands on our “How to Host a Watch Party” document. Packed with tips and checklists, it’s your roadmap to hosting a successful event.
  • Reach Out: Eager to get started? Email to express your interest. We’re excited to support you in bringing the APVA Awards celebration to your community.

This Year's Theme

This year, we’re rallying under the banner “King of The Game,” a theme that’s the celebration of the spirit that drives African audio creatives.

“King of The Game” is an homage to the journey—our collective stride towards excellence and innovation. We are about mastering our craft, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards.

This theme is a recognition of the hard work, the late nights, the endless edits, and the courage to tell stories that matter.
As we come together under this theme, we aim to spotlight the trailblazers who’ve led the way, the innovators who are redefining what’s possible, and the emerging talents that are the future of our industry.

Every nominee, every participant, embodies the essence of “King of The Game”—demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges, creativity in storytelling, and leadership that inspires a new generation.

This year, let’s embrace “King of The Game”, let it reflect our commitment to excellence, our celebration of creativity, and our affirmation that, indeed, every voice has the power to shape our world.

Meet the Judges

Heneka Watkis-Porter

Angela Machua

Jonathan Warncke

Sean Loots

Tony Onwuchekwa

Jennifer Kanari
Ayo Moore

Remi Olutimayin

Kevin Masaba

Njeri Wangari

Wangui Kimani

Kabera Angel Amahoro

Become a Sponsor

We are open to Partnerships and Sponsorships!!!

We believe in the power of collaboration and are always open to forming partnerships and sponsorships with organizations and individuals who share our mission and vision for African creativity.

Whether you’re a media company looking to support and promote African voices, a tech company interested in developing innovative solutions for the audio industry, or an individual passionate about empowering and celebrating African creatives, we would love to hear from you.

We offer a variety of partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

Why Partner With Us?


Shine alongside African audio creatives. Our multifaceted marketing strategy encompasses newsletters, our website, the awards submission process, and expansive social media engagement, ensuring your brand captures the spotlight it deserves.


Tap into the power of influencers and genre leaders. Amplify your brand’s presence and forge meaningful connections within the African audio community, enhancing your reach and resonance.


Align with excellence. Sponsoring the APVA Awards connects you with high-value press and broadcast opportunities, positioning you as a pioneer in a burgeoning media landscape.


Extend your reach. Benefit from the social media prowess of our community, with every share, mention, and post expanding your brand’s visibility across diverse audiences.


Tailored for you. Our team is committed to creating a partnership package that not only aligns with your objectives but also fosters mutual growth and success.


Immerse in creativity. From indie podcasters to seasoned broadcasters, join the crescendo of excitement building up to our award show, International Podcast Week, and beyond.

Let’s Make an Impact Together

Your partnership not only broadens your brand’s horizons but also nurtures the burgeoning talent across the African audio industry. It’s an opportunity to engage with a dynamic audience, contribute to the industry’s evolution, and celebrate the stories shaping our continent.

Ready to Partner?

Discover the myriad ways we can collaborate to celebrate and uplift this dynamic industry. Whether through targeted sponsorships or broad-based partnerships, let’s explore how we can together turn up the volume on African creativity.

For more information on how to embark on this collaborative journey, visit us here or reach out directly at

Awards Testimonials

AfripodsHeadline sponsor 2023
Read More
We had so much this past weekend celebrating excellence in the African Audio industry. First, congratulations to all the winners of the @apva_official Awards. This is an outstanding achievement and you must be so proud! We want to give a special round of applause to the incredible APVA team for orchestrating not just a flawless live experience but also for the in-person watch parties across 5 different countries! This was no small feat, but you made it happen, turning this into the largest simultaneous podcasting event across the continent! We are beyond honoured to have been the headline sponsors for this year's awards and to have played a part in the celebrations and the entire awards journey. We were also able to attend the watch party in Nairobi and had a lot of fun with the podcast community that was in attendance. Thank you to @barazamedialab for being gracious hosts. Once again, congratulations to all the winners and nominees.
Gathoni Ngumba
Gathoni Ngumba Community Manager, Afripods
Read More
I think it's amazing that APVA allows us to have that extra Accolade, but from our peers, and I think that it means so much more than coming from that group of people.
Sean Loots
Sean Loots Producer, and Host of The Podcast Catalyst Newsletter
Read More
Awards of this nature are very important for elevating the industry as a whole.
Stycie Waweru
Stycie Waweru2023 Winner for Best In Animation
Read More
Receiving an award for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Thank you APVA. Thanks @apva_official for putting a new feather to my hat and acknowledging my talent in Voice Acting👌🇰🇪😊❤️
Black Podcasters Association
Black Podcasters Association
Read More
Watching the APVA Awards sponsored by Afripods and I am loving how African podcasters are determining how the medium should be used in their own way.
Surviving Eko Podcats
Surviving Eko Podcats
Read More
The Surviving Eko podcast with @thisisfecko WON Podcast Art of the Year at the @apva_official 2023 awards. Thanks to everyone that voted. And shout out to all the amazing nominees in this category.
Comfort Olofin
Comfort OlofinRising talent of the year voiceover category 2023
Read More
I'm super grateful to God for this award because He has been the director of this journey from inception and would always be. Thank you Jesus, I'm indeed grateful for this and I return all glory to you. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your support, your encouragement, your votes etc. It really went a long way. God bless you all💖💖 If I have seen further, it is by seeing through the lens of God to catch the vision and by standing on the shoulders of giants
Eniola Keshinro
Eniola KeshinroBest commercial performance - TV 2023
Read More
We did it, my people!!! Thank God! All glory to God! 🙏🏾 Thank you to every single person that voted, and also got their friends to vote. Your support means the world to me. Big thank you to @apva_official for this recognition and for putting the awards together. Congratulations to all the 2023 winners and nominees. 🎊🎉 I love you guys, thank you! 🙏🏾 To everyone reading this, who’s pushing their talent, business, career, gifts etc to the world; please don't give up ooo! Good things will surely come.
Nonso Mordi
Nonso MordiHost of wellness in 60 seconds podcast), best podcast health and wellness category 2023
Read More
Blessed and honoured ✨ That is how I felt on Saturday and how I still feel right now. This baby girl is an award winning podcaster, the wellness in 60 seconds podcast won the health and wellness podcast of the year at the @apva_official 2023 awards. Isn’t God good? Special thanks to @apva_official for this award, to @africabusinessradio for powering this podcast, to my family and every single person who voted, shared and rooted for me. You all are the real MVPs. My First ever nomination, my first win-Cheers to many more, Nonso.
Vive Communications
Vive CommunicationsVive Communications
Read More
We bagged the award for Best Voiceover Service Provider in Africa at this year's @APVAofficial 2023 awards. We just wanna say thank you to the clients that have trusted us to handle their brands. This is for you. Here's to more achievements

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